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Change in Corporation Leadership

On August 10th the LAPD Centurion Board of Directors met for their Annual Meeting for Election. Several directors' terms had expired and there were some offices to fill. As a result of the voting, several changes were made to the organization and the following is the result:

Directors (from most senior to junior):

Victor McDowell, James Norton, David Romines, Troy Collins, Nick MacArthur, Eric McDonagh, Joshua Rider, Hector Aceves


Joshua Rider - Chairman / Secretary

James Norton - President

James "Bo" Gaffney - Vice-President

David Romines - Treasurer

Vacant - Assistant Treasurer

Victor McDowell - General Manager

Troy Collins - Director of Development

Marc Rojas - Public Relations Officer


Coaches Committee:

Victor McDowell, Hector Aceves, Davin Stovell

Merchandise Committee:

Joshua Rider, Victor McDowell

The board is constantly seeking to improve the Corporation and team organization. If you wish to help the Centurions in some capacity please contact the President James Norton a jnorton@lacenturions.com.