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Tryouts Announced

Now is the time if you wish to join the Centurion football team. Two tryouts will be held in November. Both on Saturdays, the first will be held on the 16th and the second on the 23rd. They start at 1:00 pm so show up early to warm-up and put up your best performance. Follow the signs to Cathedral High School football field. The school is located at 1253 Bishops Road in Los Angeles.

Players will not need any pads, helmets or protective gear. Bring cleats, gloves, and athletic attire. Generally offensive players wear lighter colored shirts (white or grey) while the defense wears darker colors (black or navy blue). All perspective players must be full-time law enforcement, fire or detention personnel. If you have any questions about the team or your eligibility call one of the numbers provided on the poster below.

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