Centurions Finish with an Impressive Win

The LAPD Centurions had a lack luster start to their season to say the least. With their only win taking place in Las Vegas during a non-league contest they were close to having their first season without a league win. Going into their last game against their long standing rival, the San Diego Enforcers, things did not look good. Knowing that injury and other circumstances had also depleted their roster, the Centurions did not have much to look forward to. For those that suited up that day however, they were largely undeterred. With 19 players, all had to play both ways and on several special teams to make the game work.

The Enforcers were first to score in the game with a touchdown and soon followed up with a second, going up on the Centurions 14-0. The Centurions were able to respond with two touchdowns of their own tying up the game going into the half at 14-14. Thanks to a winning coin toss by Chief Moore the Centurions began the second half with the football. The O-line and running backs ground out a 7 minute possession pounding the ball to a touchdown and the first Los Angeles lead of the game. The third quarter ended with each team adding another end zone appearance lighting up the score board to 28-21 Centurion advantage.

Feeling the exhaustion the Centurions began to noticeably slow down, their only chance now would be to outlast the Enforcers in a stalwart defensive effort, and thats exactly what the fans got. One blocked field goal and a missed extra point saw the Enforcers in their last possession with 3 minutes to go and the score slightly in the Centurions favor at 28-27. After a great defensive stand by the Centurions the Enforcers set up for a 25 yard field goal to the right hash in the last play of the game. As everyone bit their nails and the defense lurched forward, the Enforcers kicker pulled the ball hard left, missing the uprights and sealing the hard fought Los Angeles Centurion victory.

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