Los Angeles comes up short in Philadelphia

After arriving in Philly with just enough players to make a baker's dozen, the Centurions enjoyed a bit of sightseeing, brushing up on their American history, and eating more than a few cheesesteaks.

Even as they walked up to a rather unkempt and unruly field, the Centurions were hopeful that their little band of brothers could pull off a win, despite being outnumber nearly 2 to 1. It was not long before those hopes were crushed, as the Blue Flames quickly scored, though missing the PAT, ending the first quarter with the lead over the Centurions 6-0. While the Centurions reached the red zone with a few possessions, they were unable to convert those drives into a touchdown. The Blue Flames shut out the Centurions with a final score of 0-27.

The Philadelphia Blue Flame Organization was an excellent host and everyone thoroughly enjoy the after party at the Fraternal Order of Police. The brotherhood between the two departments continues and comradery grows. Until next year, Blue Flames, we'll be ready for you.

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