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Centurions Notch First Victory of the 2023 Season

In the second game of an NPSFL doubleheader, the Los Angeles Centurions edged out the San Bernardino Spartans in a 23-7 gridiron win. Birmingham High School was the first-time host location for this event where the Orange County Lawmen first played the San Diego Enforcers at 1 pm. What started out as a defensive struggle between the teams, ended as a 14-10 victory for the Lawmen.

The Spartan and Centurion game would follow similar lines as their kickoff came at 5 pm. All four teams quickly found the turf to be slippery and hampered any plays relying on cutbacks or quick changes in direction. This factor kept the first-half score low with drives ending in slip-and-fumbles and kickers losing footing. After two quarters, the Spartans led 7-0. Adjustments were made and offensive output improved for both teams in the second half. Neither team had an interception but both lost two fumbles to the other team as a result of the field conditions.

The Centurions leaped ahead with 3 touchdowns in the third quarter. The first was a 2-yard pass on a third down during the Centurion's first possession. The subsequent kickoff saw the Centurions take the ball from a returning Spartan. That drive ended in a 9-yard touchdown run but a missed extra point. Another running touchdown put the Centurions up 20-7. A fourth-quarter 39-yard field goal cemented the victory with a second-half defensive shut-out. The Centurions finished with 74 passing yards and 212 rushing yards. The Spartans were held to 103 passing yards and 73 yards on the ground. Probably the most definitive statistic was the Centurions' ability to convert 3rd downs. The Centurions were 10 for 13 while the Spartans were only able to make good on 3 of their 9 third downs.

This game did not count towards Los Angeles' NPSFL standing but did affect San Bernadino's record. The Centurions move on to play Chicago PD in Vegas next while the Spartans will host the OC Lawmen.


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