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The LAPD Centurions Corporation is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization comprised of LAPD officers and civilian volunteers. The corporate mission is threefold:


Playing for Kids

Since the formation of the team, all of our fundraising efforts support kids in Los Angeles. With the money we raise and the events we sponsor, we seek to improve the lives of the children. The goal is to optimize each child’s development and opportunities to lead a meaningful life through a comprehensive program beginning with early intervention, followed by an educational curriculum specially adapted to the needs of each child.

Building a Brotherhood

The Centurions also seek to create a stronger bond in the nation among the fraternity of first responders through athletic competition. Since our first season in 1979, we have been playing NCAA level, full-contact football against other police and fire departments from across the United States.


As a founding member of the National Public Safety League, the Centurions and 22 other teams from across the country, along with their training and coaching staff, volunteer their time and money to benefit a charitable organization of their choice in their respective areas.


Each team is composed of full-time professional first responders who practice and play during their time off from their regular assignments as first responders.

Community Engagement

One of the most effective components of proper law enforcement is the establishment and maintenance of public trust. We wish to present the people we serve with a more significant representation of what we are as officers in the communities in which we serve. We recognize our ability to contribute to the public good, beyond that of our profession as peace officers.


By inviting the citizens of the LA area to interact with us at these football and charitable events, we foster new and positive relationships. Through these opportunities, we hope to show the people we serve that their officers care about the members of their community, and not just enforcing the law. We hope that they will learn about the officers that serve their areas as they see them in a new uniform and learn what it means to be an LA Centurion.

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The Centurions play four quarters of full-contact football; helmets, shoulder pads and all. The players practice and play on their time off from their regular assignments as first responders.


Because we use high school and college facilities, games are played generally every other weekend from March to May. Practices begin in January to get the team ready for the season. A championship game is scheduled to take place in June with teams and locations to be determined.


We play both league and non-league games against other teams across the United States with the ultimate goal of winning our league’s National Championship.



The NPSFL follows the NCAA rules for game play, including 15 minute quarters of competitive and fun tackle football.  Each league game’s Head Official must be a NCAA certified referee.There are currently two divisions, Division I and Division II. Each Division Championship game is determined by a power point system taking into account each team’s league record, strength of schedule and head to head match-ups. Each team declares which Division they will compete in at the annual league meetings in November.


The Championship games rotate each year from the eastern most championship team’s home city to the western most championship team’s home city of each game’s participants. For Division I, even years are western most and odd years are eastern most. For Division II, it is the opposite, even years are the eastern most city and odd years are the western most city.

How We Play
LA Centurion Corporation

*The Board of Directors​*​


Chairman / Treasurer

Joshua Rider



James Norton



Hector Aceves


Secretary/Player Representative

Mark Powell

Titus Logo

Director of Development

Barbara Byun


General Manager

Victor McDowell


Public Relations Officer

Karen Sorenson



Marshall Cooley



Reggie Gay



Dana Smith



Davin Stovell

Centurion Corporation

The Centurions are a founding member of the National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL). The league is comprised of 23 teams across the US. Each team is composed of full-time professional first responders (police, fire, corrections, emergency medical technicians) from a similar region or city.

The players and their staff volunteer time and money to benefit charitable organizations in their respective areas. Each year the League has a National Championship based upon each team's record and a Power Ranking Scheme that is alternately played at an East or West Coast host team site.

Each season, the teams in the NPSFL designate 4 games as those that will count towards their National Championship eligibility. The rest of the games may be played against other league opponents or non-league teams

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