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What does it take to be an LA Centurion?

In short, a lot.

When the Centurion football team was first organized for its first and only football game in 1979 against Arizona it was solely composed of LAPD officers and almost exclusively from the Metro and SWAT platoon ranks. There was no league or game rules established, just more of a gentleman's agreement. As interest grew and a league was formed to incorporate first responders from across the nation, rules needed to be established and the gamesmanship began.

Today all players must fit the following guidelines as outlined by the NPSFL Bylaws:

- Full-time employees of a Law Enforcement: Police Officer, Deputy Sherrif, Deputy Constable, Deputy Marshall, Trooper, Game Warden, State Officers, Federal Officers, City/County/State/Federal Corrections Officers, Certified Detention Officers, City/County/State/Federal Probation or Parole Officers

-Full-time employees of Fire Departments: Firefighters, EMT/Paramdics contracted to municipalities to respond to 911 calls full-time

-Full-time private security officers of public safety agencies with arrest powers

In addition to these requirements the Centurions expect their players to be exemplary employees with their respective agencies. Players practice twice a week as a team during our season and participation in the charity events during the off-season.

Today, the LA Centurions are largely composed of LAPD officers with some team members coming from allied agencies that attend our academy (Los Angeles Port, Air Port, School Police) and from support organizations (Detention officers, Parole/Probation, officers etc.) in the Los Angeles area.

No players are paid for their participation or compensated for the expenses they incur by participating . The players donate their time outside of work to train, practice, travel, play games, and volunteer for charitable events.

The NPSFL season runs from March to June, with tryouts will be held during the fall prior to the season in which they will compete.


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