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Grizzlies Edge Out Centurions in Hard-Fought Battle


In a game marked by turnovers, defensive stands and a dramatic third-quarter altercation, the LASD Grizzlies narrowly defeated the LA Centurions, 11-6, under clear skies and a perfect 72-degree afternoon.


The Grizzlies set the tone early, controlling the ball for a 7:30 opening drive that concluded with a field goal, giving them an initial 3-0 lead. The Centurions, however, struggled to gain traction in their opening possession, going three-and-out and quickly returning the ball to the Grizzlies.


The first quarter ended with both defenses dominating, as the Grizzlies also went three-and-out on their subsequent drive. The score remained 3-0 in favor of the Grizzlies.


Early in the second quarter, the Centurions orchestrated a promising drive but were halted by a crucial fumble, which the Grizzlies recovered. The momentum seemed to swing back and forth, as Mikael Rollins, #25 on the Centurions, immediately intercepted the Grizzlies on their first play following the turnover.


Deep in their own territory, the Centurions faced disaster. A botched snap during a punt attempt resulted in a safety, increasing the Grizzlies' lead to 5-0. The Grizzlies capitalized on their next possession with a touchdown, though their extra point attempt was blocked, making the score 11-0 with 4:23 left in the half.


As the second quarter wound down, the Centurions reached the red zone but saw their drive cut short by a Grizzlies interception with just 13 seconds left on the clock.


Coming out of halftime, the Centurions showed renewed determination. Quarterback Mark Powell kept the ball for a pivotal touchdown run, narrowing the gap to 11-6. However, their two-point conversion attempt failed. With 3:22 remaining in the third quarter, the Centurions recovered a Grizzlies fumble, reigniting their hopes. Despite this opportunity, the Grizzlies' defense held firm, and the score remained unchanged heading into the final quarter.


Early in the fourth quarter, a spectacular catch brought the Centurions into the red zone once again. Yet, the Grizzlies' defense remained unyielding, forcing a turnover on downs and effectively sealing their victory.


The final whistle blew with the Grizzlies clinging to their 11-6 lead. Fans can check out all the shots from the game in the photo gallery here. With the 2024 season wrapped, the Centurions look to regroup and rebuild in the offseason to come back stronger than ever. Check back often for information on tryouts and details on the 2025 season.  


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