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A Nail Biter in San Diego ends in a Loss

With the Enforcers pinned next to their own end-zone, the Centurions on an offensive wave, and only just over a minute left to go, it seemed 50/50 chance that the Centurions could come from behind (22-25) to win the game. The Enforcers in a 3D chess move, intentionally ran their kicker into their own end-zone and at the last second took a knee. This gave Los Angeles two points and pushed their offense back with a more manageable punt from San Diego. Time expired before the Centurions could get within field goal range and San Diego came away with a one-point victory.

To take you back, the first quarter was scoreless for both teams as they tried to feel each other out. The second quarter, Los Angeles opened scoring by completing a 23-yard pass and then succeeding in a 2-point passing PAT. San Diego found success through the air, doubling the Centurions passing yards with 160 for the half. They matched the Centurions with an 8-point scoring drive then added a touchdown and field-goal before the end of the half, making it 8-18.

Returning to the field the Centurions would add two more touchdowns, one in each quarter to the Enforcers one, gaining momentum. The Centurion defense pushed the Enforcers back to their own three with consecutive sacks and a batted ball. The Enforcers hi-jinks left time for 6 Centurion plays that came up short of scoring to finish the game. This concluded another thrilling chapter in the Los Angeles / San Diego Rivalry.


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