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Centurions Face Loss in Season Opener During Baker to Vegas Weekend

The LA Centurions experienced a narrow defeat at the hands of the Roanoke Rampage in a thrilling football match during the annual Baker to Vegas weekend, held at Durango High School. The final score was 28-21 in favor of the Rampage, after a game that saw momentum swings and fierce competition.


First Quarter: Early Dominance

The Centurions opened the game with a show of strength, swiftly taking control of the field. They managed to score an early touchdown, though they missed the subsequent PAT, closing the first quarter with a 6-0 lead. The initial dominance showcased their offensive capabilities and set the stage for an intense matchup.


Second Quarter: Battle for Control

The second quarter began on a high note for the Centurions as they added another touchdown to their tally. This time, they successfully executed a 2-point conversion, bringing their score to 14. However, the Rampage quickly regrouped and responded with two touchdowns of their own, leveling the score at 14-14 by halftime. This back-and-forth highlighted the competitive nature of both teams, making it clear that the game was far from over.


Third Quarter: Turning the Tide

The third quarter was a tough period for the Centurions. The Roanoke Rampage, coming out of halftime with renewed energy, managed to edge ahead with a touchdown, taking the lead at 20-14. The Centurions struggled to regain their earlier momentum, facing strong defensive plays from the Rampage.


Final Quarter: The Decisive Moments

Entering the final quarter, the Centurions knew they had to push hard to close the gap. They scored another touchdown, but the Rampage responded in kind, maintaining their lead. Despite their best efforts, the Centurions couldn't overcome the deficit, and the game ended with the Rampage on top, 28-21.


The match was a testament to the skill and determination of both teams. The Centurions displayed commendable teamwork and resilience throughout the game, even in the face of adversity. Fans can check out shots from the game in the photo gallery here.


As the season progresses, fans can look forward to more exciting games and hope for the Centurions to convert their promising plays into consistent victories. The Centurions' next game will be held at St. Francis High School against the OC Lawmen on April 6. Stay tuned for details.


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