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Centurions Triumph Over OC Lawmen in Thrilling 19-14 Victory


In a spectacular display of resilience and determination, the LA Centurions emerged victorious over the OC Lawmen in a tightly contested charitable football game, with a final score of 19-14. The match, held at St. Francis High School on April 6, drew a large crowd and succeeded in raising significant funds for the Centurions’ charity of choice – the Watt’s Rams.


The game kicked off with scoreless possessions for both teams till the OC Lawmen scored, putting the Lawmen up 7-0. The Centurions, however, quickly responded with a powerful offensive drive; by the end of the first half the score was 7-14 Lawmen.


The third quarter saw the Centurions intensifying their efforts to turn the game around. Their defense tightened, preventing the Lawmen from extending their lead. The Centurions scored once more in the third, though missed the PAT, leaving the score 13-14 instead of tied.

Entering the fourth quarter, the tension in the stadium was palpable. The Centurions, fueled by determination and the support of their fans, launched a decisive drive. On the 5-yard line, the Centurions drove in a touchdown, making the score 19-14. Opting to solidify their lead, the Centurions attempted a two-point conversion. However, the OC Lawmen's defense held strong, preventing the conversion and keeping the score at 19-14.


Though both teams suffered injuries, the LA Centurions' victory, achieved through grit and teamwork, was celebrated by their fans and participants alike, marking a memorable afternoon of football and philanthropy. Fans can check out photos from the game here. The Centurions’ next will be against the San Diego Enforcers on April 13 at Los Angeles Valley College. Stay tuned for kickoff time and gameday updates.  


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