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Chicago Hands Los Angeles a Hard Loss

The Centurions and the Enforcers came to Las Vegas with two different offensive strategies in mind. With 200-yards passing and 70-yards running, the Centurions looked to score through the air. Chicago finished the day with 280-yards running and only 19-yards passing, they obviously believed in the ground and pound school of football. Unfortunately as the old adage goes, live by the sword die by the sword, the Centurions found their greatest weakness in their strength. Three interceptions, two of which ended in pick-sixes, put the Enforcers over the top for a 14-48 victory over the Centurins.

The first quarter ended with the Centurions scoring on a 66 yard pass while the Enforcers drove down the field and scored two running touchdowns. The second quarter both teams exchanged blows scoring a touch down each. Going into halftime, both teams felt victory was in their grasp.

During the third quarter, dung hit the fan for the Centurions with three unanswered touchdowns, two off of interceptions. The fourth quarter had another interception in mind for the Centurions as well as another Enforcer running touchdown.

Although a dissapointing game result for the Centurions, both teams enjoyed the weekend celebrating with other first responders for the Baker 2 Vegas running event, hosted by the LAPD LAPRAAC every year. If you are a law enforcement running team please consider entering this event, it is sure to be a hit with teams coming from every part of the US and internationally as well.


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