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Clash of the Coasts: LA Centurions Suffer Devastating Loss Against the NYPD, Losing 0-44

In a display of skill and solidarity, the NYPD Finest football team dominated the LA Centurions with a resounding 44-0 victory in a much-anticipated charitable football game. Held at Los Angeles Valley College on Saturday, May 18, the game brought together law enforcement officers from both coasts, uniting in a good cause.


As part of the National Public Safety Football League (NPSFL), the game was organized to raise funds and awareness for a children’s organization in Los Angeles – The Watt’s Rams. The NYPD family always travels well and the turnout was impressive, with fans from both teams filling the stands and contributing to the charitable efforts.


From the opening kickoff, the NYPD Finest established their dominance on the field. The LA Centurions struggled to find their footing against the relentless NYPD defense and their aggressive play set the tone early, stifling the Centurions' attempts to advance the ball.


The first quarter saw NYPD take an early lead with one touchdown and a successful field goal, ending the first quarter 0-7. As the game progressed, their lead only grew. The NYPD defense continued to thwart any offensive efforts from the Centurions, forcing multiple turnovers on downs, finishing the half up 0-32.


In the second half, the NYPD Finest did not let up; the score had jumped to 0-38 by the end of the third quarter, with the NYPD's offense and defense firing on all cylinders. The Centurions, despite their best efforts and the support of their fans, were unable to penetrate the NYPD's formidable defense or contain their explosive offense – ending with a final score of 0-44.


While the result on the field from Saturday wasn't what was hoped for, the real victory is in the support generated for The Watt’s Rams, the charity the LA Centurions support. The Centurions are proud to stand alongside the NYPD Finest as founding members of the NPSFL and contribute to such worthy causes.


This was the Centurions' last home game and the annual alumni game. The event concluded with a celebratory atmosphere as Centurion players mingled with fans and former teammates and shared stories. Fans can view shots from this game via the photo gallery found HERE. The Centurions’ next and final game of the season will be against the LASD Grizzlies on June 1 at Walnut High School. Stay tuned for kickoff time and gameday updates.  



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