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LA Centurions Host Chicago PD Enforcers in Annual Las Vegas Game

Every year the Centurions travel to support the Baker 2 Vegas event and host an NPSFL opponent. This year the Centurions will play the Chicago PD Enforcers at Valley High School in what is bound to be a competitive match-up. What's more, The First Responder Network by Axon will be broadcasting the game via their app and webservices. The broadcast is free to view, just create a profile and log in:

The Baker 2 Vegas event is a 120-mile course broken up into 20 stages where over 8,000 law enforcement runners compete in running from Baker, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. The race starts Saturday morning and continues through the night to Sunday morning. Competitors come from both the US and international agencies meet with events planned to encourage these officers to establish a closer bond as first responders. You can see the link below for more details on the race.

The Centurions will kick off the weekend by playing on Friday night, March 31st at 6pm. For the Enforcers this will be their first game of the 2023 season. The Centurions roll into Vegas with one win under their belt. The game is open to all who wish to attend.


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