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Roanoke Rolls While the Centurions Stall at the Starting Line

The Centurions offense was given a confidence boost in its first victory against the Spartans. That confidence was shattered in its convincing loss to Chicago as it shot itself in the foot with three interceptions. With a week-three opportunity to prove itself, it came up dry against the Roanoke Rampage in a 0-21 loss.

Each team had a lost fumble that momentarily stymied their scoring attempts during the inaugural contest between these two opponents. The Centurion defense however, gave their offense 3-interceptions which they were unable to do anything meaningful with. Despite these setbacks the Rampage were able to score three times, once in each of the last three quarters. The Centurions did have an anemic travel roster and some drizzle did have an effect on their attempts to score but this was not enough to explain their poor performance. They can only hope to exact revenge next year as Roanoke will travel west in 2024 to complete the series.


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